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OpenID Shared Signals Framework

The Shared Signals Framework (SSF) is a framework designed for the purpose of sharing events across various systems. It is built upon several other specifications, most notably Security Event Token (RFC8417), Poll-Based SET Token Delivery Using HTTP (RFC8935), and Poll-Based SET Token Delivery Using HTTP (RFC8936).

SSF introduces an layer for configuration discovery and management. This enables authorized receivers to define both the type of events it is interested in, and method of event reception. Receivers have the ability to create streams that align perfectly with their specific requirements.

This SCIM server is configured to emit Security Event Tokens (SET). A SET is a JSON Web Token (JWT) that represents a security event in a standardized format. It is defined in RFC8417.

Specifically for SCIM, the SCIM Profile for Security Event Tokens defines how SET tokens in a SCIM environment should be structured.