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Service Provider Config

The SCIM "Service Provider Config" endpoint, SAML metadata, and OpenID Configuration endpoints all serve a similar purpose: they provide information about the capabilities and configurations of a service provider.

The SCIM "Service Provider Config" endpoint provides information about the SCIM implementation of a service provider. It includes details such as supported SCIM schema versions, authentication schemes, data models, attributes, and other operational settings. This is useful for clients that want to interact with the service provider using the SCIM protocol.

Get SCIM Service Provider Config

The SCIM Service Provider Config endpoint is a RESTful API endpoint that provides information about the SCIM implementation details and capabilities of the service provider. This endpoint is typically accessed using the HTTP GET method and the URL for this endpoint is usually /ServiceProviderConfig.

When a GET request is sent to this endpoint, the server responds with a JSON object that includes details such as the SCIM schema versions supported, authentication schemes supported, data models and attributes supported, and other operational settings.