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Bulk Operations

Bulk operations in SCIM allow clients to send multiple requests to the server in a single HTTP request. This can significantly reduce the number of HTTP round trips required to perform multiple operations, making it more efficient.

A typical bulk operation request contains an array of operations to be performed. Each operation specifies a method (such as POST, PUT, PATCH, or DELETE), a path (if applicable), and the data for the operation.

Create User, Create Group and Assign User to Group

Here's an example of how a bulk request can create a user, a group, and assign the user to the group. Note the use of bulkId.

After invoking this request you may want to check the result here.

Create User and Assign Group

There may be instances where you need to assign groups to users at the time of their creation. This can be efficiently achieved in a single request. Pay particular attention to the usage of bulkId and bulkId:sdoe in the following example.